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August 2011 - The company Bahlo Industrial Metrology introduces the DCC-1 box!

- DCC-1 Digital Coordinate Counter
Here there is a data acquisition and Interpolationsbox that has been developed and built by

The DCC-1 box serves as a liaison between a measuring machine (eg. Stiefelmayer)
and software (eg. Delcam PowerInspect).

Due to the small size of only 15 x 7 x 3 cm can also be installed this box hidden in the
machine foot. Since the DCC-1 is very easy of cultivation can be done with tape or
Velcro connectors.

The connection between the DCC-1 to PC using cable (USB) or wireless (Bluetooth).

Currently we offer this box for connecting 3 digital incremental encoder and a push-button connection (for example, Renishaw probe TP2 / TP20) to.

Shortly following the ACC-1 box to the analog connection of 3 incremental encoder signals (eg. Heidenhain).

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