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Maintenance / Calibration


Measuring machines are subject to regular examinations.

We are certified according to the
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
The examination of the measuring machines become after the guidelines of the
DIN EN ISO 10360-2,
the decrease of the measuring machines become after the guidelines of the
VDI/VDE 2617.
All our measuring instruments are calibrated regular by a test laboratory.
This test laboratory is DKD accrediting in accordance with
Thus our measurements are restorable after the national normal one.

Emphasis of these work is:

• Examination of the basis plate
• Complex examination guide rails and the strippers
• Examination and cleaning of the bearings in the foot and in the cross slidegate valve
• Examination and readjusting of geometry in X, Y, Z with granite angle
• Examination of the drive, the brakes and the cords
• Complete examination and new measuring of the length measuring systems with laser
• Examination of the electronic Probe and their inlets
• Production of the documentation

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